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on May 11, 2012

“And he said to me, My grace is sufficient for you: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest on me.” (2 Cor 12:9, AKJV)

       How many times have you ever said, I am so glad I can’t take care of myself or do something for myself? Probably not a lot. We, especially Americans, pride ourselves on being able to take care of ourselves. We are independent and don’t need anybody’s help.

Yeah, right! We wish. If we didn’t need anyone then we would have no need of a savior, no need of God and no need of the church. Our weaknesses exist so that God can show us his power. We exist to glorify him, not the other way around.

Imagine it is a beautiful summer day and you are at the beach.  Now you also have to imagine you are a guy. Unless you are a guy, then just run with it. Next imagine there is a beautiful girl there that you are trying to impress. A couple guys challenge you and a friend to a tug of war contest (they also want to show off for the girl). Who do you want your friend to be? Well, if you are the buff, weight lifter type who could beat these guys almost on your own, then you want your friend to be kind of scrawny so your strength can shine and impress the girl. If you are the scrawny guy, you want your friend to be bigger and stronger so you won’t lose and be totally humiliated.

The reason for this somewhat twisted analogy is this: God is the big muscle-y dude. He wants to show off for the girl (non-believers) how strong he is and he can best do that if his pulling partner (us) is obviously weaker and unable to compete by himself.  But at the same time, we (still the scrawny guy) have things we want to accomplish. God is there to provide the things we couldn’t do on our own (in this case the girl is life, the house, the job, the ministry, whatever). And in this, he is showing his compassionate side because we would obviously fall short of the goal on our own.

Don’t take me wrong on this. I am at no point saying God is our back-up. I am also not saying that he is there to help us get whatever we want. In order for him to pull with us we have to be pulling in the direction he intends for us to go.

I guess my point is that God designed us as weaker, flawed beings to that He would shine brighter to those who desperately need him. We need to set aside our strong individuality and instead cultivate our communal side. We need God. We need fellow believers. None of us can make it through this alone. If you think you can then you are deluding yourself.


One response to “Superman

  1. I love how you think “outside the box” as they say. It’s such an interesting read! I suppose if the world were too perfect, too loving all the time, we’d never feel a desire to reach out for God would we?

    The trials I’ve had in my life I praise God for now since it’s made me who I am. What would our lives have been without Him? I’ll so glad he surrounded me with protecting angels as a child!

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